Hunt Family – Holiday Mini Session

The sweet Hunt Family! We met the Hunts through our small group at Eastlake. We love them. A lot. And it’s not hard to see why! Sareh and Dallas have a love for their family and others that is simply infectious. Also, Darby, their four year old, might be Brady’s favorite person on Earth. She doesn’t share the sentiment yet, but he’s working on her.
141122_HUNT_BLOG_001 141122_HUNT_BLOG_002 141122_HUNT_BLOG_003 141122_HUNT_BLOG_004 141122_HUNT_BLOG_005 141122_HUNT_BLOG_006 141122_HUNT_BLOG_007 141122_HUNT_BLOG_008 141122_HUNT_BLOG_009 141122_HUNT_BLOG_010 141122_HUNT_BLOG_011

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