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If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ve probably heard me mention very cryptically that I now have a brand new amazingly beautiful studio!! Well here is the official blog announcement folks!! Downtown Kirkland is now a place to call home (by appointment of course) and here are some images of my new studio […]

Oh geez. I’m about to admit very publicly what my secret vice is. I watch the Bachelor. Or as my husband would say, “if there is a bad show on television, Laura will find it.” Please feel free to close this window or skip down to the bottom because I’m about to get down and […]

It’s not possible that I have a one year old. It seems like yesterday I was cradling this tiny sweet baby in my arms watching him sleep the hours away. Writing about him causes me to cry… every time. So forgive me as I struggle to form a sentence through my happy tears. It’s not […]

It’s a little late to be writing a Christmas list, but in our household, this is kinda how we roll. We are “those” people you’ll find shopping for everything 2 days before gift opening time. Love to hate us don’t you? Here is my Holiday Hot List for this year! If you’re curious, here is […]

WOW it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I’ve sure felt the blogger-guilt, but it’s probably self imposed. Here’s the thing: This year I have really tried to focus on being in the moment with my clients, being present in every place I am, absorbing it all, and focusing less on… well, just writing about it. […]