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I wanted to jump on here and tell you all, albeit VERY late, that Brady is here! And I’m officially on maternity leave until the first week of May. Thank you for your patience in my extended length of response time to your emails, and for tolerating my auto-responder pinging you every time you send […]

He was coy, and charming. A master of elusiveness, never around, always busy… too busy for the normal components of a college social life. Handsome, so so handsome. I remember the first time I met him because it was very different from my normal encounters with guys during this time of my life. He ignored […]

It’s not uncommon to find me in a coffee shop in Seattle as soon as it opens in the morning, like this one. Truthfully, I’m a morning person, and get the most out of my day between the hours of 6am and 11am. Sometimes Billy doesn’t believe me because he leaves for work at 5 […]

Last year around the holidays, in true Oprah fashion, I blogged my favorite things for the winter holiday season. Crafty me, I actually scored some of the things on my list as awesome Christmas gifts. Too easy, easier than writing to Santa Claus. Truthfully, winter… eh. Take it or leave it. Fall is where it’s […]

There’s been a string of questions pretty consistently that friends ask when they find our we’re pregnant. The first is usually “how are you feeling” shortly followed by “do you know what you’re having?”. I hear that technically you can find out the sex of your baby as early as 14 weeks, but my clinic […]