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1. YOU’RE NOT QUALIFIED. No matter how savvy you think your design skills are, there is a reason why this is a separate career path photographers. There is intensive research and training involved to get that amazing typography and logo of your dreams. You stick to making awesome photos and let someone else make awesome […]

My brides are SO clever! A couple of weeks ago in the mail, I got the sweetest little thank you note from a bride. We had an engagement session a few months back and she used one of the images from the session to create this easy DIY return label! There are so many details […]

If I had to define my personal style by identifying with a brand it would most definitely be Anthropologie. Classic, eclectic, vintage, colorful, detailed, superb craftsmanship. When I walk into that store I feel like I’m walking in to myself… or something like that. Figuratively of course. From their website: “We carefully design and select […]

It isn’t a rarity for me to say that I want to be someone when I grow up, it is rare however, that I mean it. Inti St. Clair is one of those people. Most of you know that I have a passion for producing, so much that I call that my current source of […]

Film is like a warm cozy blanket… it’s soft and warm and feels like a place of safety. I started out in school shooting everything on transparency film. I still believe it’s the true way to learn how to be the best photographer you can be. Digital technology is based off of the priciples of […]