Final Pick for the Bachelor

Oh geez. I’m about to admit very publicly what my secret vice is. I watch the Bachelor. Or as my husband would say, “if there is a bad show on television, Laura will find it.”

Please feel free to close this window or skip down to the bottom because I’m about to get down and dirty. Try to contain your excitement, I’m going to give you my pick for the winner. What is it with the girls this season? Am I crazy or were they all wonderful? Well with the exception of that psychopath Tierra.

Catherine is so sweet, and I just love this girl for being Northwest born and raised. Homegurl is funny too! I’m just not sure she’s the marrying kind quite yet.

AshLee gets a high five from me because she’s a crier, and I can relate… buuuut, I think out of our remaining 3, she’s the only one with a dash of instability in her. A little intense, no?

So here it is! my 2013 Bachelor prediction. If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good costume, so this girl had me at big white wedding dress. She doesn’t take life too seriously and I can just see a happy ridiculous life between the two of them. YAY! Pick Lindsay Sean!! And please take your shirt off and wash your abs again, they are looking diiiirty. Only these two small requests.


We’ll get to see who gets the bling in two weeks… how can I wait that long?


PS> if you’re in Vegas for WPPI on the 12th, hit me up… I’ll be watching it somewhere!

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  • Chesney Schmidt

    I read the blogs! I know! Damnit!ReplyCancel

  • kate terrill

    Girl, you are hilarious! Hate to break it to you, but he is totally going to pic Catherine!ReplyCancel