My Favorite Things! Version 2012

It’s a little late to be writing a Christmas list, but in our household, this is kinda how we roll. We are “those” people you’ll find shopping for everything 2 days before gift opening time. Love to hate us don’t you?

Here is my Holiday Hot List for this year! If you’re curious, here is my list from 2010.

There aren’t many things that the husband and I get violent over, but sharing ice cream happens to be one of them. It just doesn’t last in our house more than a couple of days. I’m a one scoop girl once a week, and B is a ten scoop guy every night for 3 nights. This little Ice Cream Lock would probably bring a great element of peace to our household… so long as I’m the only one who knows the combination.



A couple of years ago, a Crosley Record Player made it onto my wish list. I didn’t get the Crosley, but my parents were kind enough to gift me their turn table. Unfortunately, it’s been sitting in our basement since it was gifted because I couldn’t figure out how to hook it up to our receiver correctly. Turns out I need a pre-amp to make it sing! (shout out to Will for the tip!)


Mother’s Rings are all the rage among my mommy friends right now. I’m not really the traditional jewelry type, but I’ve been secretly pining over a Jamie Joseph ring for as long as I can remember… and this seems like the perfect excuse to own one if you ask me. Mr. Brady’s birthstone is an Amethyst, isn’t it gorgeous? Please Santa!

I still don’t own a ring holder. Remember this cute one that made it onto my list in 2010? I still have an affection for bunnies, but found this amazing wishbone one, and just love the glass cloche that goes over the top. So pretty! The perfect accessory for my Jamie Joseph.


I LOVE to cook… almost as much as I love to eat. These two cookbooks made my list because not only do they contain recipes that make my tummers grumble, but they have gorgeous imagery and design too. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the waist. Double win.  Smitten Kitchen, Homemade Winter



As much as we love ice cream, can you believe we don’t own an ice cream scoop? This one is a classic, and you know I have a thing for classic.



I saw this necklace on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. It’s unique and clever. Need I say more? Someone who love’s me should get me this Johnny Cash Necklace:


As a small business owner, it is my God given right to put stamps to paper. I own all types of fun stamps that say things like: “fragile”, “sign here”, “completed”. I think adding this random rubber stamp to my collection would just complete me. And it would probably inspire a few mid day dance parties, and some laughter, which are both good things.


Currently, I’m a strapless kind of girl. I like to live on the edge… If I’m being honest it’s because I used to strangle myself with my camera strap every time it ended up around my neck. Lately I’ve been eyeing this double harness number made by Hold Fast. It’s called the Money Maker… and really? I kinda want to buy it just because of the name. Harness = no strangulation + it’s fashionable and comes in different colors of leather. I’m kinda digging it. Another cool feature? You can have it laser engraved with a logo or contact info. In case I get lost or something… you’ll know where to return me.

A new holiday tradition we’re starting in our family is Christmas Eve Jammies. I love these one’s by Gap. They look like just the right weight and stretchyness. Plus if I end up wearing them all day, I look pretty decent for the UPS guy.

What exciting treats are on your hot list this season? As always I hope they all have the potential of making happy moments and memories for you. Happy Holidays!

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