It isn’t a rarity for me to say that I want to be someone when I grow up, it is rare however, that I mean it. Inti St. Clair is one of those people. Most of you know that I have a passion for producing, so much that I call that my current source of employment for 50 out of the 80 hours I work per week. My time is spent problem-solving, organizing, and creating shoots out of thin air for Jonathan Ross of Andersen Ross Photography, one of the leading contributors to stock photography. I LOVE my job. I learned what I know by researching the work of past producers in my company, I learned the most by looking over Inti’s work. She produced for Andersen Ross for about four years and the girl knows how to put on a good shoot. She has really taken the photography world by storm, and I’ve decided that want to be her when I grow up.

Her production skills are top notch which is why I asked her if I could interview her for my first post on ROCKSTARS, some of the people I admire the most in this industry. I’m so thankful that she was willing to share with you what she knows on how to produce a successful shoot. And just an added bonus…. since leaving Andersen Ross she has become a rockstar photographer too! Check out her website here.

Give us your “elevator pitch”, who are you and what do you do?
I’m a commercial stock photographer and producer specializing in lifestyle, food and travel imagery.

Being a producer can mean organizing multiple projects at once how do you maintain your sanity?
Sanity. What’s that??? Is it important?

Explain your process of production from conception to completion…
Producing for me starts from a lot of different places-maybe it’s based on an idea, or location I have, sometimes it even starts with the talent. From there it’s basically like a puzzle. Finding the pieces that are missing and putting them together to make it happen. Sometimes it can be intimidating at the beginning of a project, but I find if I just focus on getting it done, it always seems to come together.

What is your favorite project you’ve produced to date?
The Girl Fight shoot. Definitely not your typical stock shoot. We all had a blast doing it, and I think I got fun shots out of it too.

In your time freelancing what is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned? What advice would you give to those considering freelancing?
To never expect things to be easy. There is no status quo. The best advice I can give is: do it because you love it. It’s a tough business, but if you love it you’ll have the energy and drive needed to be successful.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice when you were first starting out…. What would it be?

In regards to shooting: Keep it simple. I used to feel like I couldn’t do things because I didn’t have enough gear. Now that I have plenty of gear, I rarely use it. lol Natural light truly is the best-you just have to learn how to read it.
As for producing: I used to be scared to ask strangers to model for me. Now I realize that the worst thing they can say is “no”, and even if they do say that, you’ve likely still made their day by giving them the compliment.

You now are not only a producer but a successful photographer as well! Did your experience as a producer help or inhibit your photography career and how?
Helped without question. I am a one-woman show. I love having the confidence that I can do every part of what it takes to pull off a successful photo shoot. It definitely helps keep my overhead down, and it also keeps me from ever getting bored too.

Random but fun:

Film or Digital?
Digital for sure!

Favorite photoshop tool?
Layer mask, that’s a tool, right?

One food you would die for before giving up:

Accent that makes you swoon:
Caribbean Island accent

Favorite celebrity &/or celebrity crush?
Creatively, I have a celebrity crush on Joss Wheden. If we’re talking actual celebrity crush in the traditional sense, Taye Diggs is my man! ;)

There’s about to be a GIRL FIGHT… Love this:






All images are the copyright of ©Inti St. Clair

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  • Believe me when I say; Laura is a completely kickass producer in her own right! I got to see her doing her thing on the Andersen Ross video shoot last week-that tool belt…SWEET ACTION! Thanks so much for the interview-I’m very honored!ReplyCancel

  • I vouch for the awesomeness of INTI ST. CLAIR. She’s my friend. She’s my inspiration. :) GREAT BLOG, LAURA!ReplyCancel

  • Inti is a rockstar. Yeah, she’s a great photographer, but more important she’s a great person. Awwww… how sweet! ;-)ReplyCancel

  • good question! :)ReplyCancel